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Cape Cod Cellos
Barnstable, MA
Registration for Strings Camp:
Registration for Suzuki Lessons:
​Cape Cod Summer String Tune-Up: Check back here for post-covid updates. We hope to be able to have camp again soon!

Private lessons are $70/hour.  Beginners will start with a 30 minute lesson ($35 per half hour lesson) and as they become more advanced, will move into longer lessons. You can find a printable version of current policies and payments here.

​Materials:  Beginning students will need a Suzuki Book 1 that comes with a CD (or download the recording from Amazon), and I Can Read Music Volume 1 by Joanne Martin. Cellist will also need a Xeros endpin anchor and violinists and violists will need a Kun shoulder rest (I recommend collapsible). These materials can be purchased at Johnson String Instruments, which is where I also recommend that you rent instruments from. Students will also need to be able to access Google Classroom, Drive, and Docs for both specific and general lesson notes. 

Group Classes meet periodically on Saturdays. Depending on the level of the students, the group class will include Suzuki repertoire as well as chamber music. There is no extra charge for this class, and it is expected that all students in my studio will attend. I aim for at least two performances a year in addition to several Christmas time performance opportunities. These Saturday rehearsals not only prepare the students for the performances, but are a great place to make musical friends!

Make-up lessons:  I take my commitment to teaching very seriously, and it is a rare occurrence that I have to cancel a lesson. Please make lesson and practice time a priority in your family too so that you can make the most of your lessons. One of the Suzuki mottos is “fun with a high standard.” You will find that playing an instrument is most enjoyable when you can do it well!

Practice tip:  In my family, we treat practicing like homework—it is just part of the expected daily routine, no questions asked. Every child practices five days a week and it is their choice which two days they skip. They will most often choose to take weekends off.

Is my child old enough to begin lessons?
Most children begin Suzuki lessons between ages 3-6. If your child has a 15 minute attention span, he is probably ready for Suzuki lessons. If you are unsure if he is ready, feel free to come observe a lesson.
Where do I rent an instrument?
Instruments can be rented from Johnson String Instruments in Newton, MA. You only need to make the trip when you begin and when your child moves up to a bigger instrument, which is likely to be less than once a year. I can also let you know when Johnson's is making a delivery to schools on the Cape for your convenience.  I own a 1/8 size cello and a 1/4 size cello that are available for rental on a first come, first served basis. 

Camp fee for first child per family 
Camp fee for second child per family 
Camp fee for third child per family 
Early-bird discount for registration by June 28, 2019

-$25/paying child